The following programs are developed for whole staff professional learning opportunities. They are normally run as a day experience but can be tailored to suit individual school needs.

1.0  Using images as a tool for reflection and learning

Educators observe and document individual children’s learning journeys using a variety of means including work samples, the ‘voice of the child’ and photographs. Photographs and other documentation enable educators to plan and develop meaningful learning experiences for all children. Being able to develop meaningful images aid in the ongoing teaching and learning program. This program enables educators to be confident, proficient and reflective educational photographers.

2.0  Reflective Photography

Reflective photography gives participants the time and space to experience moments of solitude scaffolded for a reflective process. For information on  a  retreat experience please see my page "Photography as a Spiritual Practice". 

3.0  Visual Arts (Photography)

We are bombarded with images and nearly everyone has access to a image making device. However, often images making is reduced to the snapshot and the selfie. Ironically, with the increase in images we see a decline in the art of creation and the loss of an appreciation of the image. This program teaches educators how to create meaningful images, gives a language for appreciation and strategies for teaching students the art of photography.

Should you wish to discuss any of these professional learning opportunities I can be contacted using the form below.

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