One of the most interesting characteristics of the Hola and of all plastic cameras, is that each camera produces its own unique image style. To highlight this fact, the images on this page and on the Sepia Prints have been taken by a different Holga. The sepia images were taken using a Holga that was very old and had been used by numerous people across many years. These black and white images were taken with new Holgacamera that had never been used before.

Using the Holga plastic cameras was full of imperfection:

The older (sepia images) camera was held shut with a rubber band, the film did not move evenly across the aperture and electrical tape was used to reduce, but not eliminate the light leaks. 
The second camera (these images in black and white)  “worked” more smoothly and did not produced the light leaks as in camera one but produced more interesting vignetting i.e. the edges of the images are soft and darkened.

The results were dreamy, soft, blurry and certainly not perfect, with light leaks and vignetting. Yet they are lovely images in their own right. The softness and the blur give the images a special and unique look that could never be captured on a digital sensor. Arguably, each image is different and not reproducible given the imperfection of the equipment.

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