Seeing with the eyes of the heart is a retreat with a difference. Based on the practice of photography as Christian Contemplation, participants will discover photography as a way into an "encounter with the sacred presence all around us".

The retreat will be structured around "Eyes of the Heart" by Christine Valters Paintner. Depending on the length of the retreat possible themes to explore  include:

The dance of light and shadow
What is hidden and what is revealed
What is mirrored back?
Discovering the Holy within us
Seeing the Holy everywhere

This program is a collaborative endeavour between Catherine Whewell , Director, "Finding another Way" and myself.

Catherine as the Retreat Leader will guide the retreat participants in prayerful reflection on the Mystery revealed in the world around us.

As the Photographer in Residence I provide technical support as well as insights into  how photography enables us to contemplate the world in a unique way.
Venue: This is determined in consultation with the participants.

Catering: Catering can be provided at an extra cost or provided by the participants.

Mode: The retreat may be structured to suit the participant ranging from a one-day experience to a three day live-in. 

For more information please use the form below to contact me.
Thank you!

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