I am a freelance photography teacher working with primary school students. In my program each child is provided with a small digital camera. The aim of the program for students is threefold: firstly, to participate in learning the art of photography, to understand and use photographic equipment to enable them to explore their creativity, and finally to provide opportunities for them to reflect on the meaning of their images and the story they are telling.
My ‘Photographer in Residence’ is grounded in the Australian Curriculum and has a strong cross curriculum focus including , Visual Art, Mathematics, Media Studies, Science and History. I am also able to provide experiences to enhance the school’s ethos or religious identity.
I understand learning to be a process whereby students construct knowledge. It is not linear but involves the students extending, reformulating, enlarging and reflecting on what they know. Building on what children already know and assisting them to make connections, students are able to develop their questions, intuitions, reasons and ideas in a variety of forms.
The challenge for both the teacher and learner is to reflect on the learning process to discover what knowledge is being constructed and how it extends their individual understanding. The teacher’s professional judgement and experience are key components in the process. However, it also relies on the learner being able to consider what they believe they have learnt.
I use a range of deliberate and intentional acts of teaching to meet the diverse needs of students. Intentional teaching is defined as "educators being deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful in their decisions and actions. Intentional teaching is the opposite of teaching by rote or continuing with traditions simply because things have always been done that way"
While the teaching process is driven by the Australian Curriculum, it is incumbent on teachers to make the curriculum fit the student rather than mould the student to fit the curriculum. I use photography as the medium for teaching and learning in order to present students with alternative ways of learning. I believe that this project demonstrates the processes of learning and how all people learn, when they are interested and highly motivated.
You may freely use this website respecting that the photographs are my own creation and subject to copyright.

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