By spending a day in in your school I create a series of images of students at the moment of intense engagement and concentration as well as moments of fun and play. 
The school may be use the images for both the school's  website and hard copy documentation.
My images are candid and unscripted, often revealing moments rarely seen in traditional school photography.  Although I prefer to take candid images the school may wish to organise particular set ups. The school may also want me to take specific photographs of the school or particular students. The Principal or the Principal's nominee will guide me regarding any special requirements.
On the day of the visit,  the school will determine my access to students, rooms and areas within the school or local church. I will also be in the schoolyard at recess and lunchtime.
Please contact me on the form below if you wish to pursue this program.

Thank you for your email. I will respond within the next few days. If you don't receive an email with 5 days please check your spam filter. Michael Campbell

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